Making My Life Demonstrably Better


In the summer of 2013 I took part in The New Collective’s first residency.  I put up posters asking people to ‘Help make my life less dull’ and received about 30 responses, of which I met 26 over 6 weeks.  After graduating I took a month of making work and two years later realised I still hadn’t made anything.  My sense of self had been slowly eroding.  With this project I decided to interrupt my daily life, actively sought out odd encounters and to finally make some art.

Amongst other things I…

  • had my aura read very accurately,
  • spent an evening drinking with a Mod publican,
  • met a musician who had just been able to pay for her rent with her music,
  • was taken to spa by a woman who in her 40s spent 7 years traveling the world on a motor bike,
  • went to the forest of dean to eat home made jam with an artist,
  • was given my favourite chocolate bar by a man who felt he was psychic,
  • went to see fireworks,
  • had a song played in my honour by a circus cabaret band,
  • was given a cake decorated to look like Ziggy Stardust’s face,
  • had a free trip round a zoo with an australian tourist and a Dino Ranger,
  • experienced hypnotherapy,
  • ate a whole packet of smoked salmon in one sitting,
  • got a tattoo,
  • went to see world class flamenco,
  • had tacos and margarita’s on a roof with some Mexicans,
  • and went to Madrid to party with the co-owner of a vintage shop.

The responses I received were overwhelmingly generous and my life is now demonstrably better.


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